Can you explain in the form of an elevator pitch what Talaria does?
Talaria is a student project & startup working in the field of air mobility, with the short term goal of winning the Boeing GoFly Prize in 2019. And with the long term goal of developing small autonomous drones capable of carrying heavy loads for disaster relief, firefighting and logistics. Our vision is to: set you free in the 3rd dimensions.

Nieuw Connekt Lid TalariaOn which service / which project is Talaria most proud when it comes to smart, sustainable and social mobility?
With any new technology, especially flying tech, social acceptance is an important aspect of the development cycle. We’re not just interested in building a new machine, but also in showing the public what the future of air mobility looks like. We’ve spent much of our time opening conversations about this new field with our colleagues, professors, and sponsors and we are encouraged by how accepting and ready the world is for this invention. We are engaging in a Virtual Reality project to allow us to SHOW the world what personal air mobility will mean for the future, not to mention, just how close it really is.

We’re also very excited to show the world that the majority of projects out there, including ours, are electric. It is so wonderful to see a new technology evolve so directly connected to sustainable thinking.

On what themes will the other Connekt members meet you?
While air mobility is our primary field, we will need to be in constant collaboration with the fields of autonomous travel, mobility infrastructure and with legislation. Our goal is to see these machines flying in urban settings, providing personal transport, emergency services and package delivery. We need to connect with government and policy makers regarding safety standards and noise standard to make this happen.

What do you add to this theme and/or the Connekt network? And what can Connekt mean for Talaria?
Since personal air mobility is such a new field, Talaria provides a direct connection into the heart of challenges being faced. Talaria is also directly connected to relevant research projects within the TU Delft, which are growing every year.

By being part of Connekt, Talaria hopes to make strong partnerships, find investors and work together with policymakers and communities, who can help shape the future of air mobility and implement it in the coming years.

What is the most promising disruptive innovation according to Talaria?
Battery and hydrogen technology getting more efficient, lighter and safer. This opens a new world to air mobility as our devices are more sustainable, quieter and safer.