On October 7, 2019, the Connekt Drone Community met at Avy in Amsterdam.
Nico Anten, Connekt and Jan Willem Siebers, CEO of Panteia as ambassador of the Connekt Drone Community, opened the meeting. Drones may possibly offer plenty of logistical opportunities. But what is the economic and social impact of using drones? Where are we really going to make a difference with the use of drones? Finding answers to these questions starts with finding each other. Which is exactly what the Connekt Drone Community does. From the large turnout this afternoon, it is clear that the Community meets a great need.

Technical tour
Our host Avy provided an interesting tour that answered, among other things, the questions about the technical feasibility and possibilities of flying drones. The power of the tour was that it showed how far technology really is.

Connekt Drone community meeting October 8, 2019Cooperation essential condition for large-scale rollout
Rui Roosien, R&D Consultant at NLR, addressed the need for social acceptance of drones. Experience shows that the timing, honesty/openness, and an answer to the question “what’s in it for me” (as a citizen) are needed.

Intelligent parcel delivery was the subject of Cornelius Wicks, Director of Head Communications. Wicks sees the future in intelligent parcel delivery with the use of central hubs/pick-up points (the runway) instead of door-to-door deliveries.

What are the real benefits of using autonomous electric drones? Casper Veenman, partner at Roland Berger, mentioned less congestion, faster, cheaper, more sustainable and more accessible transport. Then why are drones not yet deployed on a large scale? This is related to regulations and certification, the lack of landing infrastructure and the lack of communication in the form of a traffic control center for drones. Collaboration on these topics is essential for a structured implementation of drones.

Connekt Drone community meeting October 8, 2019 1Amsterdam Drone Week 2 to 6 December 2019
Nynke Lipsius, Exhibition Director at RAI Amsterdam who is leading the Amsterdam Drone Week, made everyone eager to join the Amsterdam Drone week with her sneak preview. During this event Connekt, together with the Community and various international parties, organizes a session about the future of seamless logistics. Find our information and registration page here.

Plenty of experiences and information were exchanged during the busy networking drink. We look back on a very informative afternoon and hope to meet everyone during the Amsterdam Drone Week.

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About the Connekt Drone Community
The Connekt Drone Community brings together stakeholders in the field of drone traffic with the aim of gathering and exchanging knowledge so that we can scale with each other. The Community is looking for concrete cases that are socially relevant to society, provide economic benefits and contribute to a more sustainable / environmentally friendly world.

Connekt Drone community meeting October 8, 2019 2