The European Transport Innovation Challenge 2017  has been launched on 29 March. This is a new recognition award being offered to young transport innovators for the first time this year. The European Commission invite them to give them creative solutions for goods and services that will contribute to reducing CO2 emissions in transport. This can be the result of research, but it does not need to be. It can be in any transport mode, and in many different sectors linked to transport, such as solutions in healthcare, retail or food sectors. The key word is innovation.

The European Commission will reward up to 12 young innovators aged 18-35 with a trip to Strasbourg for the ITS Congress and Exhibition in June. In addition to receiving free travel and accommodation, and having the opportunity to network with leaders in the world of intelligent transport in Europe, the winners will receive personalised coaching at a dedicated mentoring workshop before the Congress begins. Both individuals and SMEs are eligible.

All it takes to win is to describe in less than 1,500 words how mobility in Europe could be cleaner and more efficient. Deadline is 2 May.

The website address is: