Datum 24 november 2020

The accessibility of cities is a long-standing issue. Everyone wants access to cities to be organized efficiently, but there are different perspectives on how to achieve this. A municipality has different interests from an ITS provider or a logistics services provider.

In view of these differing perspectives, we are working on a solution that will allow these various interests to be met more effectively, compared with a traditional approach that involves setting up one large, central database. We refer to this alternative as CIXS. CIXS stands for cooperative intelligent access, a cooperative system architecture.

In these sessions we focus on the idea of organizing access to cities using a cooperative system architecture, allowing large quantities of individual information to be accessed in the same way. We are arranging different sessions for the different target groups. In each session we will explain the idea behind CIXS and will be keen to find out the wishes of the specific target group and any insights they may have.

The following sessions will be held on November 24:

All sessions will take place online. After you have registered you will receive a confirmation email containing a link to the Microsoft Teams meeting.

Would you like more information about this topic? If so, please contact Tom van Dam.