On November 16, 2016, the Topsector Logistiek, Lean & Green and Connekt are organizing the Factor 6 conference “More is Less” at Connekt in Delft for Connekt members, Lean & Green Star and 2nd Star Winners and the Top Sector Logistics.

Factor 6 conferentie 16 november 2016Factor 6: transporting 2.5 times as much while emitting 2.5 times less CO2

To achieve the emission reduction targets adopted by 195 countries at the Paris climate change conference, we will need to improve productivity by a factor of 6. In other words, this means transporting 2.5 times as much while emitting 2.5 times less CO2. An impossible dream? Or an opportunity to increase profitability? There are all kinds of steps that we can already take now. But where should we start? What does this mean in concrete terms for the logistics sector and for you as an organization? What concrete actions result from this ambition and what opportunities do they present for your own logistics?

Advice and connections

These are questions that will form the focus of the conference, which will include a mix of plenary talks and workshops. Many answers already point towards the need to increase cooperation, data sharing and bundling. Members of the Top Sector Logistics, Lean & Green and Connekt networks can make the difference by working together. The structure of the Factor 6 program means that at the end of the day you leave with concrete advice and connections that can be put to use the very next day. The day will end with a drink – an ideal opportunity to network.

At the beginning of September, Connekt members, Lean & Green Logistics Star and 2nd Star Winners and participants from the Top Sector Logistics will receive a personal invitation containing further information about the location and program.

Would you like more information about this meeting? Please contact Lia Hsu or Harsha Dijk at hsu@connekt.nl or dijk@connekt.nl