Datum 23 april 2020

The world has been hit hard by the coronavirus. Problems are mounting up, measures are being taken on a massive scale and no sector has been left untouched by the virus. The outlook is therefore anything but positive. Nevertheless, like any other crisis this one will also bring with it opportunities. As yet we have not paid any attention to these. Is this the right moment to make time for this particular issue?

This is something that we would like to talk about together with the network. We will start with an initial session on Thursday, April 23: a breakfast brainstorm. What if the measures taken to deal with the coronavirus remain in place for months? How will we travel safely to the office? We know about the social distancing rules and the need to stay 1.5 meters apart. What are the options? We are challenging the network and ourselves to come up with new solutions. Join in the discussion.

Online breakfast brainstorm:
Thursday, April 23 from 8.30 a.m. to 9.30 a.m.