Datum 7 mei 2019

During the ‘Connekt Talk: Drones’ in February, knowledge and experience were shared with each other and relevant connections were made for, among other things, setting up new pilots. In the meantime, more parties with knowledge and expertise have been brought in and the demand for insight and overview of valuable applications is increasing. This built a valuable and correct basis for carrying out concrete pilots with this community.

Do you want to get started with specific pilots that are economically interesting for your business and that can count on social support? Then come to Connekt on 7 May to shape the steps for a successful implementation together with the community.

Exclusively for Connekt members, we organize the Connekt Drone Community meeting on Tuesday afternoon, May 7th from 3:00 pm to 5:30 pm.


2:45 pm          Arrival & coffee/tea

3:00 pm          Welcome by Nico Anten & Jan-Willem Siebers, Panteia

3:10 pm          Keynote by Vassilis Agouridas, UAM Initiative Leader, EIP-SCC // Airbus

‘Smart Mobility in Smart Cities: WALK.RIDE.DRIVE.FLY’

3:40 pm          Re-cap activities community & pitch workshops

3:50 pm          Short break

4:00 pm          Workshop: Prepare urban logistics hubs for drone flights

  Workshop: Usercases of drones in the logistics chain

5:00 pm          Re-cap workshops & network-drink

Please register if you decide to join us this afternoon using the registration form below. If you have any questions about participation or about the program, please contact Mieke Masselink.