Datum 15 februari 2021
Einddatum 26 februari 2021

Connekt creates links between people working at public authorities, businesses and knowledge institutions. This may be a link relating to a specific topic, but Connekt serves as a platform for unexpected meetings too. Connekt promotes discussion between people who, at first glance, you would not expect to be linked in any way at an organizational level.

Such unexpected meetings are also organized digitally by Connekt in the form of Connekt First Dates. Based on a number of criteria, which individuals enter themselves, the network arranges a personal online meeting with a new contact who meets these criteria.

Bezoek van de Smart Mobility Embassy aan de IAA 1And this time we are going international! From February 13 to 28 the Connekt restaurant will be open for international meetings. This edition of Connekt First Dates is being organized by the Smart Mobility Embassy.