Datum 30 juni 2021
Einddatum 31 december 2021

Connekt First dates is an ongoing activity. Connekt members can sign up all year long.

The Connekt  network is the place where unexpected connections are made. Between Connekt members at our office around the bar, but also across borders during international events and study trips. Unexpected connections that provide you with new insights and inspiration. 

With Connekt First Dates we offer serendipity in these difficult times where we only meet online with the people we already know. Based on your personal interestwe organize a personal online ‘match’ for you. 

We invite members of Connekt to join First dates for an unexpected meeting with another person from the Connekt network. This can be with someone from the Netherlands, but it can also be an international match.

You meet your match in the digital bar. You are welcomed in the ‘First Dates restaurant’, after which you and your match start a private conversation. Who is your match, what can you learn from each other and how can you inspire each other? After 25 minutes we expect the answer to the pressing question: Do you want to meet again? 

The Connekt First Dates restaurant is open throughout May on Wednesdays and Fridays during lunch time (CET).