Datum 15 november 2018

Sustainability creates opportunities for your business: an improved market position, lower costs due to higher capacity utilization and lower energy consumption. The new coalition agreement sets out rigorous targets in the area of CO2 reduction. To achieve these, we will need to work together to ensure that emissions for each kilo of freight transported are reduced by a factor of 6. Following on from the ‘More is less’ and ‘Factor 6: 1+1=6’ conferences in 2016 and 2017, on Thursday, November 15, 2018 Connekt is organizing the third Factor 6 Conference. Together with you, we will once again be examining measures that your organization can take away and put into practice the very next day, as well as measures that have already proven their worth in the field of logistics and any new possibilities.

The conference will be held at Connekt in Delft. Further details and information on how to register will be published shortly on this page.