Innovation Expo is the name given to both the major biennial event and the associated network that brings together more than 4,000 entrepreneurs, policy makers, scientists and enterprising citizens. These parties work together to achieve technological breakthroughs and innovations that will make a real difference in the future. The members of the network come together every two years at this event. Their next meeting, due to be held on April 14, 2016, the final day of the sixth Innovation Expo, will focus on the ‘Sustainable Urban Delta’. In the run-up to the event innovations will be identified and given an additional boost.

Innovation Expo accelerates innovation, while bringing together and inspiring developers of (future) initiatives. It provides a platform for concrete projects that contribute to the sustainable urban delta, adopts a cross-sector approach and brings the public and private sectors together.

Innovation Expo is organized for and by the business community, knowledge institutions and government authorities. Enterprising citizens, young innovators and investors are also involved in the event. Connekt organizes the Mobility Square for Innovation Expo.

Sustainable Urban Delta
Megacities are the principal drivers of economic growth. Although there is no megacity in the Netherlands, the country is a green, water-abundant, urban network. To ensure we are competitive on a global scale, we need to focus on our agglomeration economies and innovation. There is international demand for the knowledge we have built up as an urban delta and the innovations we develop. Innovations provide solutions to urban social challenges and being innovative allows us to create new jobs.

Sustainable Urban Delta is the theme of the sixth Innovation Expo. Under this heading Innovation Expo is challenging innovators to come up with answers to the social problems we are faced with. These include water management, energy, the food supply, mobility, logistics and environmental issues, for example.

Innovation Expo is linking in with the government’s Agenda Stad [City Agenda] initiative, which aims to realize the ambition of making the Netherlands’ city network a global leader in terms of both competitiveness and quality of life.