Datum 14 november 2018
Einddatum 15 november 2018

ITS Platform organizing European conference on traffic management
On November 14 and 15, 2018 the European ITS Platform will be organizing the biennial European conference on traffic management, the ITS Forum 2018. The main theme of the Forum is “Traffic management in a dynamic world: Digitization, Multimodality, Smart Infrastructure”. The ITS Forum 2018 will be held at the LEF Future Center at the head offices of the Directorate-General for Public Works and Water Management in Utrecht. It is intended for parties including road authorities, road operators, ITS consultants and ITS system and service providers.

Why is this event important?
“Traffic management in a dynamic world: Digitization, Multimodality, Smart Infrastructure” is not the only theme that will be discussed at the Forum. It will also cover the various goals of the European ITS Platform and European road authorities/road operators. In the first instance the Forum will focus on traffic management and current challenges. The European ITS Platform and CEF ITS corridors rely on the experience and contributions of road authorities and road operators, who are responsible for the 24/7 management of traffic on the road network. Traffic management is the most important activity of road operators when it comes to improving the quality of services for users: improving safety, reducing congestion and providing traffic information. Secondly, the Forum will be examining proven and emerging technologies with an impact on traffic management. On the one hand, traffic management will benefit from new technologies and trends (such as Floating Car Data, in-car systems, artificial intelligence, etc.), while, on the other, new technologies (such as C-ITS, automated driving, etc.) will place new demands on road operators. Thirdly, traditional ITS services will be accompanied increasingly by cooperative ITS and other new technologies, opening up new services and possibilities for European citizens. Lastly, new technologies could provide the impetus for new business models. Road operators and road authorities will need to learn how to deal with these developments in the world around them, such as a shift from public to private services, from systems to services and from ownership to a sharing and barter economy, etc.

The two-day forum will be organized by the EU ITS Platform, in partnership with the European Commission and the European ITS corridor projects Arc Atlantique, Crocodile, MedTIS, Next-ITS and Ursa Major Neo. In total, 24 Member States are involved in the ITS corridors and the European ITS Platform.

The venue, the LEF Future Center, offers a wide range of different working environments and professional support. A session at LEF is like nothing you will have experienced before. It will generate new ideas and insights, which can be translated into practice with a focus on delivering results. This approach guarantees an accessible environment from which both experts and newcomers can benefit. More information about the LEF Future Center can be found here.

Who is it for?
The ITS Forum 2018 will be of interest to:

  • European policymakers in the field of transport
  • Public and private road operators
  • Urban road operators
  • ITS system providers for traffic management
  • ITS system providers for traffic information
  • Traffic information service providers
  • Representatives of the automotive industry
  • Experts in C-ITS developments
  • National/international interest groups (outside the above domains)
  • Consultants
  • Researchers

More information
Further information about the program, location and registration for the event can be found at www.itsforum2018.eu.
If you have any questions, please contact Nick Juffermans.