Market innovations sometimes come from unexpected places. Take Airbnb, Uber and Netflix, for example, which have upset the established order by looking at the market in a completely new way and offering new solutions. Which ‘disruptors’ are there in the logistics sector and how will they influence the logistics market in the years ahead?

This question will be at the heart of this special meeting. After all, even though ICT has already turned the field of mobility on its head – vehicles have become computers on wheels and in the future will be able to work together smartly – it still presents a wealth of opportunities for the logistics sector when it comes to improving up-to-date planning information and achieving a high degree of reliability and a wasteless supply chain.

On December 8, Connekt will therefore be bringing the logistics network and the smart mobility network together. All kinds of things are already possible – the real challenge now is how to put them into practice.

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