ICT is entering the mobility arena, connected vehicles are piloted in many projects, automated cars are on the verge of commercial breakthrough.

Despite all these technological possibilities, managing the data exchange for these connected systems is challenging the needed cooperation between many stakeholders: automobile manufacturers, road operators, service providers, telecommunication network providers and the vehicle drivers. Trust, security and privacy are a prerequisite for successful large deployments.

The German CONVERGE project started in 2012 and finished end 2015 has designed and demonstrated a V2X communication architecture for connected mobility. It is based upon Internet principles and is designed for secure and privacy preserving real time data management embedded in a service management concept and an openness guaranteeing organizational regulatory governance layer.

The mini symposium will address the highlights of the German CONVERGE project and possible next steps for cross border implementation.

The preliminary agenda is as follows:
1) Introduction on CONVERGE project by prof. Horst Wieker
2) The organization structure, including security and economical and technical role model by prof. Horst Wieker and Manuel F├╝nfrocken
3) Assessment framework for hybrid communication enabling C-ITS applications by Marcel Otto and Bram van den Ende
4) Reflection on service management model by prof. Paul Grefen
5) Reflection on the technical implementation by prof. Johan Lukkien
6) Discussion on future cooperation and innovation & research topics for enabling scalable cross border European wide implementation

Meeting room open at 9:00 AM

Program starts at 9:30 AM until 01.00 PM

Lunch and networking from 01.00 PM to 02.00 PM

Chair: Carlo van de Weijer, Director Strategic Research Area Smart Mobility

Prof. dr. Horst Wieker, Head of ITS Research Group, University of Applied Sciences, Saarbrucken, coordinator CONVERGE project
Manuel F├╝nfrocken MSc, University of Applied Sciences, Saarbrucken, technical project lead CONVERGE project
Marcel Otto MSc, Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment, Senior Policy Officer ITS and Travel Information
Bram van den Ende MSc, TNO, Project Manager Communication Infrastructures
Prof.dr. Johan Lukkien, TU Eindhoven, Security and Embedded Networked Systems
Prof.dr.ir. Paul Grefen, TU Eindhoven, Research Director Information Systems

Attend event.