Datum 9 september 2021

9 September – 11:00 – 11:45 (CET) 

On September 9th the Smart Mobility Embassy will bring together experts to discuss a common challenge:  How do we successfully implement ZE-zones to reach our climate goals?

As in other countries, the Paris climate goals have prompted the setting of greening targets for cities throughout the Netherlands. These have been translated into numerous so-called Green Deals for working on a variety of sustainability targets, including the Zero-Emission City Logistics Green Deal.1 Under the Dutch Climate Agreement (2020), the aim is to implement zero-emission zones in 30 to 40 cities by 2025. This will mean that in certain areas of a city, all transportation must be emissions-free, which presents considerable technological and policy challenges and will require new forms of logistics, whereby behavioural change and habit-breaking will be paramount.

Another major motivation in addition to greening is creating a liveable city. Ensuring that cities are easily accessible and offer ample space for enjoyably living and working, along with recreation and movement, is essential. Both the underlying challenge and any potential solutions involve a multiplicity of parties. Cooperation, sharing knowledge, and practical testing will be key to achieving the goals set. Which policies should be implemented today to help transport companies to adapt and invest in their business operation so we are able to reach our climate ambitions with the implementation of zero-emission zones? Will there be sufficient affordable electric vehicles or green alternatives available? What knowledge do municipalities need about the geographical location of charging infrastructure and the energy system and expected energy needs?

About the Smart Mobility Embassy 

Bezoek van de Smart Mobility Embassy aan de IAA 1The corona virus has put us into a world lockdown. However, we can digitally connect with almost the entire world. Reaching further has never been this easy.  

When we work together with other countries, we do what we have done for decades. We go on trade missions and search for opportunities, build relationships and do business together. This is a very successful strategy and a great opportunity to showcase a country’s unique proposition.   

But it is time for a different approach! What if we can join forces, not based on our nationality but on our common purpose. A world where mobility means affordable access for all, with zero missions and without casualties.   

We want to create opportunities that did not exist yesterday. We bring people, knowledge and expertise from different organizations and countries together. By having an international community, every challenge is tackled from different perspectives encouraging creative approaches and solutions. Therefore, the Mobility Embassy is creating new pies that can only be cashed in by working together.