Welcome to 2018, a new year for Smart Mobility. Last year various regions worked on their Smart Mobility plans. What is happening in the different regions in the area of Smart Mobility over the coming months? We can report that a number of regions will now be presenting the plans they have drawn up to the Connekt network.

This new year’s meeting, ‘Smart Mobility in the regions – welcome to 2018’, is an exclusive event for Connekt members and will be held on Tuesday, February 13 from 2 p.m. to 5 p.m. at Connekt. Members attending will find out about the plans of the East Netherlands region, the Province of Flevoland, the Province of Limburg and the Northern Provinces, and possibly other regions too. The presentations will end with a drink – an ideal opportunity to network.

Connekt members can register for this meeting using the form below. We look forward to coming together to get what promises to be a successful year for Smart Mobility off to an excellent start!