The Spoorcongres 2017 event will be taking place on September 28 from 12 noon to 6 p.m. at the Van der Valk Hotel Tiel (Laan van Westroijen 10, Tiel). This meeting will give you an insight into future developments in the field of logistics and the potential role of rail freight transport within different types of transport flows and/or logistics chains.

Putting the focus on cargo! Every day numerous trains travel from the Netherlands to various destinations in the European hinterland and vice versa. Around 15 container trains travel to and from Italy alone on a daily basis. In addition, there are also trains that carry bulk or conventional (general) cargo. These trains transport loads of various kinds, from grains and ores through to electronic goods and fresh produce.

Cargo the focus for best practices Each transport flow is part of a logistics chain behind which important interests are at stake. During the Spoorcongres event eight shippers will demonstrate on the basis of best practices the role that rail freight transport plays in their logistics chains and the associated benefits. These practical examples will focus on fresh produce, food, consumer goods, construction materials and recycling.

Who is this meeting intended for? This meeting is intended for logistics managers at companies that play a key role within the logistics chain, such as shippers, logistics services providers, shipowners, forwarding agents and commodity traders.

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