Datum 16 december 2019

What will our maximum speed be in 2030? In 2030 will we be able to reach our (daily) destination within 45 minutes?

Interested in finding out how we can make this possible? If so, come to the meeting with the Mobiliteitsalliantie. On December 16, 2019 Connekt is organizing a meeting for its members on the Deltaplan 2030, which the Mobiliteitsalliantie presented to Minister Cora van Nieuwenhuizen and State Secretary Stientje van Veldhoven on June 12. Mobility has a key role to play in addressing many of the major social challenges we are facing today (climate, safety, energy transition, housebuilding, etc.). We also need to find ways to meet the growing demand for mobility. In its Deltaplan the Mobiliteitsalliantie explains that mobility has to become more flexible, cleaner and safer. Alongside a need for systematic additional funding so that overdue maintenance and new investment can take place, this means that changes to the system and innovative laws and regulations are required.

Deltaplan 2030: integrated approach

In the Mobiliteitsalliantie’s Deltaplan 2030 mobility is held up – much more than it has been to date – as a way of tackling social challenges. Considerations, choices and investments in the area of mobility need to be approached in an integrated way and no longer on a sector-by-sector basis. Alongside an investment agenda designed to facilitate a transition and a new use-based system of payment, the Mobiliteitsalliantie is also focusing – to encourage flexible travel – on hubs (at the outskirts of cities, in cities and in districts), the further development of MaaS (including developing a set of agreements on handling data), investments in safe infrastructure (also in the digital sphere) and sustainable mobility.

In an interactive session we will examine the ideas behind the Deltaplan and its key pillars, together with Steven van Eijck (Vice-President of the Mobiliteitsalliantie) and Jeroen Fukken (Program Director of the Mobiliteitsalliantie). We will then put these ideas into practice with the help of a number of concrete cases. What is already possible today and how can we achieve it? Where are the missing links? How can we make progress on key issues together? What opportunities will open up for Connekt members?


Presentation of impact study of ITS Congress in Eindhoven

The event will be followed by drinks, during which we will present the results of the study on the impact that the ITS Congress in Eindhoven has had on the (regional) economy.

We look forward to seeing you in the afternoon of Monday, December 16! The meeting will be held from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m. and will be followed by drinks.


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Please send an e-mail to Tom van Dam.

Themamiddag mobiliteit van de toekomst met de Mobiliteitsalliantie, 16 december 2019