Datum 10 november 2020

A growing number of new modes of transport are appearing on our streets, such as the e-bike, cargobike, speed pedelec and electric scooter. In the near future the ‘BSO bus’ electric wagon will also be allowed onto the road. At the beginning of this year Connekt and CROW wrote a position paper on the opportunities and possibilities that exist in the area of micromobility. We are keen to share this position paper with you and create an interactive event around it.

On Tuesday, November 10 from 10 a.m. to 11.30 a.m. we are therefore jointly organizing a micromobility webinar, which will provide an opportunity to exchange knowledge, experiences and needs in relation to different forms of micromobility. The webinar will consist of a plenary session, during which aspects including the new authorization framework and the launch of the position paper will be discussed. This will be followed by two rounds of interactive sub-sessions, for which you will have a choice from the following themes:

  • Public spaces and micromobility
  • Road safety
  • Inclusivity
  • Data
  • Sustainability