A unique opportunity to meet with Finnish and Dutch Mobility Peers

Datum 25 april 2023
Tijd 09:30 uur
Locatie Online - Teams

Join us on Tuesday April 25th to learn about traffic management 2.0 and take part of this unique opportunity to meet online a group of specialized mobility companies from Finland and the Netherlands. 

This webinar is a collaboration between ITS Finland and ITS Netherlands/Connekt – Smart Mobility Embassy and is the kick-off of a series of Finnish & Dutch online and live meetings to come.

Traffic management 2.0: New form of public-private collaboration.
The ongoing digitalisation and increased connectivity capabilities are pushing the field of mobility management to the next level. The field of ITS and mobility management is transforming towards interactive traffic management between road authorities, service providers and mobility end-users.

These new forms of public-private collaboration have become known as “Traffic Management 2.0”, enabling dynamic, tailor made and interactive traffic management schemes and operations. With several innovative implementations, it’s time to explore what further opportunities the Traffic Management 2.0 concept lie ahead.  Let’s start this conversation in our Dutch-Finnish webinar!

Register HERE. You will be directed to the digital registration page of ITS Finland.

For more informations or questions, please do not hesitate to contact Marije de Nijs: marije.denijs@connekt.nl