About the Hackathon
This Hackathon is organized in co-creation with companies and organization of the Port of Rotterdam and the logistic industry. The World Port Hackathon 2016 is already the fourth edition! During the Hackathon several teams work on challenges within the port industry. The challenges are a product of workshops with stakeholders and participants from the port community. The Hackathon is the place where people work on innovation and where new opportunities arise! Read more.

Data & Technology
The Hackathon revolves mainly around open data, big data and technology. During the Hackathon you can use a wide range of datasets provided by different stakeholders. How can you connect this data with the right devices and applications? To get inspired,  a lot of cool technology will be available to play with and to make the Internet of Things tangible. On top of that, there are experts who can teach you more about the actual ongoings in the port.

What can you win?
The WPH2016 is the place where innovation will be born. The most promising ideas and solutions get a stage in front of several potential customers! Furthermore, the WPH2016 is a very cool experience where you meet new people, learn new things, build your network and expand your CV. And there are also two official World Port Hackathon prizes: the first prize (€1500) is for the overall best idea and the second prize for the most innovative and disruptive idea (€500). Read more.