On Thursday, August 25, a delegation from Finland visited Connekt and the Dutch Cycling Embassy to further their knowledge of bicycle planning and smart mobility.

Herbert Tiemens Herbert Tiemens from the province of Utrecht held the first presentation on Dutch cycling culture, bicycle parking innovations and the integration of cycling with train travel.


Following his presentation, Marije de Vreeze, Manager ITS Netherlands at Connekt, explained the importance of logistics and smart mobility technologies and the impact they can have on cities when it comes to achieving environmental goals. Programs such as Lean and Green, which has already reduced CO2 emissions by more than 400,000 tons, can enhance logistic coordination between companies and decrease the number of large trucks in city centers.



Delft Central Station was next on the itinerary, where the group were greeted by Irene van Oudenniel from DelftBouwt. They gained hands-on experience in the underground parking facility and were fascinated by the multi-level bike ranks, and smart signs displaying the number of available parking spaces.


According to Anna-Mari Ahonen, Project Director at Suomen Kasvukäytävä, the visit to Delft was inspiring and informative for the group. They were able to see bicycle planning strategies first-hand and are eager to bring some practices back to Finland.