This report has been drawn up within the framework of the European ITS Directive (2010/40/EU),`under which Member States are required to submit reports at certain moments. On the basis of Article 17 of the Directive guidelines have been adopted on the form that these reports should take. This report is a follow-up on the progress report previously submitted to the European Commission in 2014 and the document ‘ITS-Plan the Netherlands 2013-2017’ submitted in August 2012.

The rapid pace of innovation within the field of ITS has prompted us to change the structure of the progress report. In this document we therefore report for the first time, and to the extent possible, on ITS KPIs agreed at European level. The progress reports for priority actions B, C and E have also been incorporated into this report.

To provide a good insight into the progress made in the area of ITS in the Netherlands, we have once again selected a number of interesting projects and services that are being implemented or have been completed over the 2014-2017 period. Consideration has also been given to the potential value of these projects for other European countries. In an attempt to ensure this report is informative yet concise, we have focused mainly on presenting facts, figures and images.