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To fulfil ITS promises is not only our national ambition, but also our top-line priority!

The influence of digital is changing the experience of consumers in all industries and setting expectations that will shape demand for transport services. That is why the Dutch government is making substantial investments in innovative traffic management and new forms of smart mobility, including new technology and services that give travellers real-time driving and travel advice during their journey. We want safe roads, happy people and a flourishing economy in the Netherlands: Europe’s key hub for distribution. More than that, we want to be a launching customer for the deployment of smart mobility in Europe. That’s why we recently participated in the European Truck Platooning Challenge and why made Smart Mobility the central theme of the Informal Transport Council during the 2016 EU Presidency. In line with this, we are looking forward to welcoming you and many more international directors, city councillors and other participants at the European ITS Congress in our Brainport region:

  • A hotspot of automotive innovation in the Netherlands
  • The birthplace of Philips – one of the largest electronics companies in the world
  • A  magnet for ambitious young professionals to enhance their business network
  • And a technology hub in the Brussels-Düsseldorf-Amsterdam-triangle.

Our leading industrial partners are prepared to invest in this European ITS conference to be your host in 2019. A substantial number of industrial partners have already secured the finance, therewith assuring its successful organization and potential impact. Their financial and commitment illustrates how much cross-sector partnership has been incorporated in the Dutch economic and political model, providing a strong basis for profitable trading strategies.
We welcome all congress participants to experience smart mobility solutions in Holland and our neighbouring countries in North-West Europe. Join us in the Netherlands to fulfil more ITS promises in 2019!