Our vision is to plan and optimise everything that has to do with moving people and goods on a global scale.

PTV – Planung Transport Verkehr AG

The PTV Group provides cutting-edge software technology and consulting to enable customers to meet their mobility needs. It helps people plan and manage both passenger and freight transport, provides them with the latest traffic reports and assists them in optimising their long-term resource allocation. Since 1979, the independent corporate group has been a leading provider of products and solutions for travel, traffic and transportation planning.

Strong international demand has fuelled dynamic growth: We currently have over 700 employees worldwide crafting innovative solutions for our customers in the public and private sectors. Our Karlsruhe headquarters acts as a development and innovation centre with tight links to research and educational institutions. We additionally maintain shareholdings and subsidiaries in Germany, Europe and every continent in the world.

In the Traffic Software, Transport Consulting and Logistics business fields, PTV technology forms the foundation of a host of brand-name products and our own leading map&guide and PTV Vision product lines.

PTV. The transportation experts

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