Mitsubishi preparing to boost EV in Indonesia 2On Thursday 7 March, a delegation of Mitsubishi visited the Smart Mobility Embassy to gather knowledge on electric vehicle use in the Netherlands. This expertise will help Mitsubishi Motors to boost the use of electric vehicles (EV) in Indonesia.

According to the delegates, the Netherlands is a model case for EV solutions. The delegation was welcomed by Connekt, the Smart Mobility Embassy, and APPM Management Consultants. Experts of APPM, Annabel van Zante and Frank ten Wolde informed the delegates about smart & green mobility in the Netherlands and the use of electric vehicles. The Dutch experts provided answers to the delegates’ key questions such as: “Why do the Dutch invest in EV?”.



In the Netherlands, we are working to achieve our ambitious goals: In 2020 we have set the goal that 10% of the new cars sold are zero emission. In 2025 this percentage has to be 50% of all new cars sold and finally, in 2030 100% of the new cars has to be zero emission, battery or fuel cell. The government stimulates the use of electric vehicles via various measures.

Driving an electric vehicle will provide benefits for the user. With the tax advantages, it is cheaper to purchase an electric car. Plus, charging stations (also quick charging) for electric cars are placed in premium parking spots and the number of charging points has seen an amazing increase. You can go anywhere in the Netherlands with an electric car and you’ll be able to charge it all over the country. In cities like Amsterdam, the demand for parking space is really high. Priority for parking licences is given to electric cars. This boosted the EV car purchase even more. Also, in Amsterdam, electric taxi’s get priority on taxi stands and the City of Amsterdam provides a subsidy for the purchase of electric delivery vans, electric trucks etc. Amsterdam wants to be a zero-emission city by 2025. Moreover, Amsterdam only allows car-sharing initiatives if they are zero emission, for example, Fetch Car Sharing.

Also, the image of the electric car is changing. It was a ‘hippie’ car at first, but now the image is much cooler. The Tesla factory in Tilburg, in the south of the Netherlands, contributed to this ‘cool’ image of electric vehicles.

Mitsubishi preparing to boost EV in Indonesia 1

APPM Management Consultants and Mitsubishi will stay in touch regarding boosting EV use in Indonesia. Mitsubishi is open to learning from other countries like the Netherlands.

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