This Monday, July 2nd, we were happy to welcome a Polish delegation consisting of the Ministry of Maritime, the agency “Polish Waters”, inland shipping entrepreneurs and experts from the ports of Gdansk and Szczecin at Connekt. Goal of the trip was to elaborate possibilities to enhance water transport in Poland. Connekt’s Nico Anten started the session by presenting the successful Impulse Dynamic Traffic Management and Waterways program which has been running for many years in the Netherlands and promotes the modal shift towards barge transport.

Polish Delegation visit at Connekt Polish Delegation visit at Connekt 1

Besides that, he presented the Topsector Logistics approach, which focuses on the Dutch economic fields of excellence and accelerates them by financing and scaling up e.g. new logistics projects. Afterwards, Harsha Dijk shared insights of the Lean & Green Europe program.  The ambition is to launch a national program in Poland this year. The delegation will help Connekt to connect with a potential Polish Lean & Green partner.