In the near future, people driving across the EU shall be able to use Cooperative ITS (C-ITS) services seamlessly from country to country. To this end, technology and service compatibility and interoperability are key factors to consider in the large scale deployment of C-ITS services all road users can benefit from.

In the European project InterCor – involving France, Netherlands, UK and Belgium – existing C-ITS services are being upgraded and tested for interoperability together with new services. To this end, a common set of specifications needs to be validated towards interoperability and seamless cross-border service continuity. The validation will be done by testing the interoperability of in-vehicle end-user devices and roadside ITS stations from the four EU Member States. This will be done through a set of four interoperability TESTFEST events.

The first TESTFEST, focusing on ETSI-G5 services (Wifi-p), will be held in Netherlands co-organised by the InterCor project together with Dutch partners of the C-ITS Corridor ( This TESTFEST will take place on the motorway A16, near Dordrecht. Roadworks Warning (RWW), Probe Vehicle Data (PVD) and In-Vehicle Signage (IVS) services will be available via fixed roadside units (RSUs) for testing both in representative lab environments and real life traffic conditions.

The findings of the InterCor TESTFESTs will contribute to the elaboration of harmonised deployment specifications in the C-Roads Platform ( In this respect InterCor will contribute to the roll-out of seamless and interoperable C-ITS services across Europe.

The InterCor TESTFESTs are open for anyone who active in this field. Interested public and private organisations (public authorities, road operators, systems suppliers, services providers, vehicle manufacturers, etc.) are invited to register and to actively take part in this first TESTFEST. i.e. by bringing on-board units (suitable for the services) and vehicles to test the interoperability with the InterCor RSUs in The Netherlands.

For any questions or further information at this stage, please contact: Peter Schmitting (ERTICO-ITS Europe), The team will supply you with further information.

Please click here to register for the TESTFEST in Dordrecht. Deadline for registration is Monday, May 15th.


InterCor is a 3 year project of 30 million Euros co-financed by the European Union under the Connecting Europe Facility (CEF) Programme; it will enable vehicles and the related road infrastructure to communicate data through cellular, ETSI-G5 or a combination of cellular and ETSI-G5 (hybrid) networks on road corridors through the Netherlands, Belgium, UK and France to achieve safer, more efficient and more convenient mobility for people and goods.


The C-Roads Platform is co-financed by the European Union under the Connecting Europe Facility (CEF) Programme, but is an open platform. Therefore representatives from all ongoing C-ITS deployment activities all across Europe are working together towards interoperable C-ITS services for European travellers.

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