Sustainability is an important issue. Through the Connekt network we play a key role in tackling this social challenge. There are also social challenges that we need to address when it comes to social inclusion: new technology means we can now help even more people to make a valuable contribution to society.

The City of Amsterdam is taking action in this area and is keen to join forces with other parties. On Wednesday, October 12, 2016 the local authority organized a meeting to discuss ambitions in the area of target-group transport (the transport of specific groups within society).

Pieter Litjens, Connekt board member and Councilor responsible for traffic and transport at the City of Amsterdam: “Let’s take the example of Tim, a boy who suffers from learning difficulties. Five days a week, he attends a school for children with special needs and uses a school bus service to get there. On Wednesdays he has to visit De Bascule (an academic center for children with mental health problems). He cannot use the regular school bus service for this journey and has to be taken in a separate taxi. This doesn’t always go according to plan. Can we not find a way to make things better for Tim and everyone else in a similar position?”
Read the ‘Report of the meeting on target-group transport. With love from A to B’.

This is a theme on which the Connekt network would like to focus further attention.