In 2016 Connekt started organizing a members’ trip to the Consumer Electronics Show (CES). CES is the world’s biggest event for anyone involved in consumer technology. Las Vegas provides the backdrop for this annual trade fair where innovators have been introducing groundbreaking technologies and upcoming innovations to the world for the past 50 years. With opening keynote speeches on the subject, the biggest hall dedicated to it and both traditional and new market players in attendance, ‘self-driving vehicles’ has become one of the driving themes of CES.

Connekt’s members therefore had a good reason to head off to Las Vegas again in 2017, combining their trip with a visit to Silicon Valley and the Hyperloop in the Nevada desert. The trip was based around the theme of inspiration in relation to the Hyperloop, automated vehicles and start-ups. These are also themes on which Connekt’s members are focusing as a step towards the mobility of the future. You can read about the highlights of the trip and the lessons learned by the delegation in this report.