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We are present at the ITS World Congress 2018 in Copenhagen. Together with our members Vialis, NDW, TNO, RDW, Be-Mobile and our partners Lean analytiX, Topsector Logistics and the Smart Mobility Embassy we are very pleased to contribute to the deployment of Smart Mobility worldwide.

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As a valued member of Connekt, we would like to invite you to the 25th ITS World Congress from 17-21 September at the Bella Center, Copenhagen in Denmark.

Please come and meet the network of Connekt and find out more about our
latest products and solutions for the future of mobility.

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Through the Smart Mobility Embassy we are offering our expertise as one of the global leaders in Smart Mobility, with the aims of encouraging international parties to carry out testing in the Netherlands and exporting Dutch knowledge.

Nico Anten – Executive Chairman of Connekt

What to expect from the members during the ITS World Congress


Using big data technology to map traffic flows? Be-Mobile is a forerunner in this area and offers smart mobility solutions based on its connected car & traffic platform. Curious about this organization and the particularly popular application they use to communicate with motorists?

Read the interview with Jan Cools, CEO of Be-Mobile here (in Dutch).



Connekt members at the Dutch Pavilion #2

Arjan is working on a cleaner and safer road traffic at the Netherlands Vehicle Authority (RDW). Increasing road traffic causes congestion, environmental and social challenges. Only traditional measures such as the expansion of the road network seem inadequate. By connecting information and communication technologies from vehicles, roads and back offices significant contribution for the environmental and road safety can be achieved.

Gerben wants to take vehicle testing to the next level. Software, sensors and AI are legally supporting the driver of  vehicles. But who assesses the road worthiness of these systems that are not part of the type approval? RDW suggests there should be a driver’s license for cars.

Read the interview with Arjan and Gerben of RDW here.


Connektleden op het Dutch Pavilion #3

Curious about impact on cities by MaaS and CAD? TNO is present to demonstrate how data can help support decision-making. For example, increasing road safety through Connected Automated Driving (CAD). We also show the latest innovations in terms of simulations by MaaS and CAD; what does this mean for a city or region?

Read the interview with Jeroen Borst of TNO here (in Dutch).

Story of Connekt

During the Congress we inform you about Smart Mobility and Smart Logistics:

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How cities use cycling and ITS to develop a sustainable and smart transport system
Join the open workshop at the ITS FORUM on Wednesday 19 September 13:30-17:00 hrs together with Vialis, Goudappel and the Greater Manchester Area about the role of the bike in a smart and sustainable mobility system.



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