Welcome to Smart Moves: Dutch Mobility Webinar Series. On 3 April 2024 the webinar Navigating the Netherlands: “Exploring Public-Private Partnerships, Connectivity, and Hubs” will take place. 

Date April 3, 2024
Time 09:30 AM
Location Webinar - online

Join us for an unveiling Dutch excellence in smart mobility solutions. This is a webinar crafted for international delegations, providing insight into current solutions shaping the future of mobility in the Netherlands. Navigating the Netherlands: Exploring Public-Private Partnerships, Connectivity, and Hubs is the last webinar in the series. 


Explore Dutch smart mobility solutions in this 75-minute session. Explore the future of mobility in the Netherlands in our webinar featuring five speakers from Goudappel, Capgemini, NTM, CROW en TNO. Discover how public-private partnerships drive innovation, STOMP promotes behavior change, and mobility hubs enhance accessibility. Gain insights from practical examples and policy discussions on sustainable urban development. Sign up now for an inspiring session!


  • “Smart Mobility Wheel’: an integral mobility approach for spatial development” by Ties Bongers, Advisor Mobility and spatial development – Goudappel
  • “Speeding up the mobility transition” by Joost van der Made, Director Transport Services – Capgemini
  • “Standardization” by Ayse Öcal, Communitymanager Shared Mobility – Nationaal toegangspunt mobiliteitsdata (NTM)
  • “Sustainable area development and mobility hubs” by Edwin Thoen, Knowledge Worker Traffic CROW and Transportation in conjunction with CEO Jan Harmen Akkerman at TanQyou
  • “Urban Strategy – Exploring the Practicalities of Digital City Twins for Policy Considerations on Mobility and Urbanization Challenges” by Peter van Buijtene, Sr. Strategic Partnership Manager – TNO

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  • Intertraffic Live Session – April 17, 2024: The series culminates in a live session during , where our expert members on the Connekt Pavilion continue sharing insights into groundbreaking pilots and innovations in smart urbanization. If you come to visit Amsterdam, we are happy to see you there. 

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Secure your virtual seat for these webinars tailored for international delegations seeking a firsthand look at the current solutions driving smart mobility in the Netherlands. While the program is in design, a detailed overview will be available soon. 

Connect Globally, Innovate Locally 

Immerse yourself in Dutch resourcefulness. This series is more than a showcase it’s an invitation to connect global stakeholders to the forefront of Dutch innovation in smart mobility solutions. And of course is an invite to join us at the Connekt Pavilion at Intertraffic Amsterdam in April.  

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